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Mary K. Ahearn, Chief Executive Officer

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Our hours of business: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except legal holidays

10 East Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD  21202
(410) 864-5100

CompHub may be unavailable 8 - 10 pm and during system maintenance.
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We have made changes to the body part selections when filing a Claim or Claim Amendment in CompHub. Please select this link for a Key to select body parts. Please be as specific as possible; when there are multiple body parts injured, you must select the parts individually. Any questions regarding this topic should be directed to
On November 8, 2023, the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware ordered the Liquidation and Injunction Order with Bar Date of Arrowood Indemnity Company. Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro and her successors in office, if any, are the court-appointed Receivers. The Receiver has appointed Eugene T. Reed, Jr. and James J. Black, III as Deputy Receivers to carry out the responsibilities of the Receiver with respect to the liquidation of Arrowood. The ordered stay of 180 days from November 8, 2023 lifts May 6, 2024. Appeals and further proceedings on issues will be stayed until May 6, 2024. See Insolvent Carriers for more.
Attention Attorneys and Proxies: Please do not file a Medical Controversion until the Order NISI has been issued. The Commission will not process a Controversion filed prior the issuance of the Order NISI.
Effective February 5, 2024 copies of Petitions for Judicial Review, Circuit Court Orders and additional Appeal documents are no longer accepted in paper.  Submit these documents via CompHub.  These processes are accessed from the Start New Action Menu > select: Hearings > Appeal Request > Circuit Court Order Submission or Additional Appeal Documents respectively to upload the required documents.

The VR-02 (Closure Report) and VR-33 (Insurer’s Report of Rehab Progress) are live in CompHub, under the “Voc Rehab” tab. They are no longer to be submitted using the web forms previously on the WCC website.

 Employers & Insurers: Please see Employer/Insurer Bulletin  24-0401  for updates to CompHub.
 When uploading a Settlement as a packet,  be sure the documents are in the proper order as follows:  Settlement worksheet * Settlement agreement * Cl. Affidavit * Cl. Consent to pay fees and costs * Receipts for expenses * Doctor bills with CPT codes * Other documents.

The Employer or Carrier will use the EMPLOYER SUBSCRIBER DESIGNATION form to serve as written authorization and request to the Commission for the individual to be assigned for the Employer in CompHub. The Employer or Carrier understands and agrees that this assignment will enable the Employer Subscriber to establish a generic email address to which all mail from the Commission (e-notices, awards, etc.) will be directed and will permit the Employer Subscriber to assign Employer Delegates, enabling access  and filing ability in all of the employer’s Maryland claims.

Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs and Claimant’s Affidavit have been removed from the Upload Exhibit process. Please use the standalone processes located at Start New Action > Claims> Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs or Claimant’s Affidavit. This process will route directly to a Commissioner’s office eliminating the necessity to contact the assistant to inform them of the filings.

Before adding a new employer to the database, please check to ensure the employer does not already exist. If the employer exists, please use the existing employer. Creating a duplicate employer may delay the processing and verification of the claim. Please do NOT ask the Commission to create a new employer for a governmental entity.

ATTENTION ATTORNEYS: Requests to Commissioners for accommodations to go first or last on a docket should only include the ability to go first on the Abingdon docket and last on the City docket or first on the Beltsville docket and last on the City docket. Other accommodations will be denied. Thank you for your understanding.

11/2023 -The process to file vocational rehabilitation plans is updated in CompHub. To prepare and submit a plan, please select “Start New Action’ and then select ‘Voc Rehab.’ Next Select, ‘Voc Rehab Plan.’ Once the plan has been completed in the template, there will be an opportunity to generate the plan, print it, get signatures and then upload the plan into CompHub. After the signed documents are uploaded, the vocational practitioner should submit the plan to the Commission via CompHub. Please follow the instructions contained in the template. The VR-06 - Selection of Services & Practitioner should still be emailed to and prior to submitting the Vocational rehabilitation plan. The Commission has published a video as well as a QuickStart guide in the Knowledge Center on the CompHub landing page. Any questions, please contact Harrison Brooke.

A stand-alone CompHub process is available to file the Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees & Costs and Claimant’s Affidavit. You may access them from the “Start New Action” menu, select “Claims,” then “Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs” or “Affidavit.” Use the Affidavit process when you have a need to file the Affidavit outside the initial submission of a Settlement (as is required to be a part of the Settlement submission). Please use the Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs process both before or after the hearing and after an Order has been issued. See our QuickStart guides and videos for detailed instructions.

Attention Practitioners, Paralegals, Proxies, Insurers: All Death & Funeral Benefits claims must be filed electronically via CompHub. Forms received on/after Thursday, October 19, 2023 will be returned. We thank you in advance for complying.

Please Note: In the legacy system when a case was already set for hearing, it was not Commission practice to add new issues into the system because it would set a second hearing for those new issues. The issues were filed in the claim file and the party would advise the Commissioner that the new issues were there. However, because those issues were never entered into the database, CompHub doesn’t recognize that the issues exist even though they are visible in Claim documents. This problem will resolve when new issues are filed in CompHub and the case is already set.  In the meantime, please file a Consent Request for Document Correction asking the Commission to withdraw the issues filed on the date the issues were originally filed and list the specific issues to be withdrawn. The Commission will withdraw the issues. If you prefer to have a document on file, you may still file the Consent Request for Document Correction and ask the Commission to put the issues in line so that a Withdraw Issues may be filed.

Attorney fee regulations effective April 3, 2023 apply ONLY to claims filed ON or AFTER April 3, 2023. Claims filed BEFORE April 3, 2023 continue to be governed by the former attorney fee regulations   More in Regulations.

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