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Mary K. Ahearn, Chief Executive Officer

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Maryland Department of Health - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information
  • UPDATE March 26, 2020:  In concert with Governor Hogan’s recent Executive Orders and Chief Judge Barbera’s Emergency Administrative Order of March 25, 2020, the Commission is canceling all dockets that were previously scheduled through May 1. Our offices will remain closed to the public through that date, as well, but a very limited group of staff will continue working onsite. The remainder of our team will be working from home.

    Cases that are postponed will be reset on a priority basis beginning May 4, 2020, upon return to normal operations. It is our intention to set morning and afternoon dockets when the Commission resumes regular hearings. Due consideration will be given all circumstances regarding whether the claims are ready to be held.

    Emergency hearings will be scheduled as needed in the interim. EHR forms must be filed, but preferably with the WCC electronic filing system (WFMS). Commissioners will continue to review these requests and those approved will be set in the coming weeks.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

  • Administrative Guidance - WCC - Vocational rehabilitation services - In accordance with Governor Larry Hogan’s Executive Order, Number 20-03-23-01 (link:, and the Interpretative Guidance from the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel, number COVID-19-04 (link), WCC interprets the order and guidance as follows: Vocational Rehabilitation Services, as defined under Md. Code, Lab. & Empl. Article § 9-607(e), are exempt from the amended order closing all non-essential businesses.  For all other businesses, see the Interpretive Guidance.

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  •  Insolvent Carriers information (Carriers in Liquidation).

An employer that fails to secure compensation (workers' compensation insurance) for all covered employees may be subject to a penalty not to exceed $10,000.  More details.  A county or incorporated municipality may elect to have the provisions of the death benefits law, specifically LE 9-683.1 through 9-683.5, apply to their public safety presumption employees.  Get more information here.

Human trafficking is a horrible crime that continues to exist in Maryland and affects all parts of the State.  Need more information?
Visit the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention web page for resources and more.
National Human Trafficking Hotline: Telephone 1-888-373-7888; Text:233733

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