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21 New FormSubpoena Duces Tecum and Request for WCC Transcript.  This form is to be used ONLY by a third party requesting a transcript when there is action pending.  This form of Subpoena is NOT to be used to subpoena any other documents and is NOT to be used for any other transcript requests.  The new form is available in fillable PDF form on our Forms and Instructions page.   The completed subpoena must be stamped by the Commission using the current policies and procedures for requesting a subpoena from the Commission.  A separate subpoena must be used for each claim number when multiple claim transcripts are being requested.  When submitting the subpoena, the original plus one copy must be brought to the Commission for stamping and Commission processing.   As a reminder, the Commission does not accept subpoena or any other form filing via email/attachment or fax.  Please begin using the new form immediately.