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Basic Electronic Form Filing Instructions For WFMS Subscriber WebForms
Please read and follow all instructions before accessing and using WebForms.
In order to utilize WCC WebForms to securely submit online to the WCC, you must install Formatta(c) Filler free software on your Windows PC (Formatta Filler for MAC does not support submitting your form).  The most current version of Google Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer is recommended for proper functionality. 

Select "Save As" when prompted and save the downloaded file to your Desktop.  Right-click on the "fillersetup.exe" file and select "Run as administrator". Follow the on screen installation instructions.  If using a business/corporate PC, you MUST have access/rights to install software for Filler to function.  If you do not have permissions to install software on your PC, please "Save" instead of "Run" and contact your IT support to install this software.  After a successful installation Filler will launch with a success image and Formatta will appear in your "Programs" list.  NOTE: Formatta Filler needs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.23026.  If you are prompted for this item and it does not install with Filler you can search for it on

Forms that include a "Submit" button actually submit the required form and data to the Commission/WCC online via your Internet connection.  You cannot save a "copy" of a blank online WebForm to your PC for re-use.
  • Enter ONLY THE WCC Claim Number and claimant surname on your File Forms page.  Other fields should be used only to search for the claim when the Claim Number is not available.  000-00-0000 is not a search parameter, it simply means that no valid Social Security or Federal Tax ID number was provided.

  • Forms that require certification of service means that copies be sent by you, the originator to all other parties ; we do not send copies to the required parties for you.  You should Print and/or Save your form after submission.  You may also print the submitted form from View Claim Documents after submission.

  • Form attachments: Select the form's "Attach" button.  You can attach multiple files, the recommended limit is 10MB total for each form.  When scanning  documents for attachment, make sure that the scan quality is readable.

    • Documents should be scanned in monochrome (black and white) at no more than 144DPI resolution.  There may also be a "documents" preset on your scanner output. Average file size for a proper PDF page is 25KB (0.25MB) or less. 

    • PDF files manipulated in PDF software platforms like Nuance, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc. may need to be "reprinted" via the PDF printer to assure all pages are consistent and process correctly.  Contact for assistance with problems.

    • Name your attached file simply, without additional dots, dashes or other symbols, e.g. Filename.pdf

    • You may not attach a Formatta form (*.pff file), HTML (*.htm), HTML template files (*.mthm), Outlook Message (*.msg) to an online WebForm.

    • Do not mail or deliver a copy of the completed WebForm to the Commission, it will not be accepted or processed.

  • Accepted file types for attachment: Common Office application formats, e.g. Microsoft(c) Office Word (.doc, .docx), graphics (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif), Portable Document Format (.pdf), WordPerfect(c) (.wpd), MS Excel (.xls. xlsx), are allowed.

     If you have a question regarding a particular file format, please email prior to attempting submission.

  • If you are experiencing problems with your file attachments, please print this page for reference and review your scanner and software documentation for instructions.

  • Required information fields on all WebForms are the same as paper forms submitted to the WCC.  WebForms have and meet the same legal requirements as hardcopy forms submitted.

  • The form will pre-populate with the claim data.  When possible, form fields will validate the information you enter- for example if selecting "yes" or "no" indicates you must explain or provide more information, you cannot submit the form without input into the "required" field.

  • At SUBMIT, you will enter your WFMS Password to "sign" the form.  The result of a successful submission will display the completed form with a "time stamp" and your name as registered with WFMS and registered email address.  This is the version to Print/Save.

If you have the wrong WCC claim number, please utilize WFMS to "Search" via the Claim Inquiry to obtain the correct WCC Claim Number.   WFMS Websupport does not research claim numbers.

For questions regarding a form's required information or the administrative policies and requirements for a particular form, please contact the WCC Public Service Section: (410) 864-5100, outside Baltimore Metro area Toll Free: (800) 492- 0479 during normal business hours.

If you have a general question regarding how to use Formatta Filler, please use the built-in HELP utility.


WebForms Selection

 Please enter only the MDWCC Claim number and select the form.

Image of Dual-Data input for WebForms layout
If you experience a problem with the WebForm or submission, please email with complete information: the form name, WCC claim number, your (subscriber) name, claimant name, copy/paste any specific error message received and approximate time of the submission attempt/error.