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Adobe  Reader is required to download & print all PDF documents.

  • The print versions of the Employee Claim Form C-1 and Employer's First Report of Injury 1A-1 are not available as electronic files/documents for download from our web or email attachment .  Both forms can be completed/submitted online using Formatta Filler software and printed; see the Public Online Services menu.

    This file is a PDF for printing via Adobe Reader (325 KB) as follows:  The MD WCC Employers' Posting Notice is 8.5" X 14" and MUST be printed on 8.5" X 14" (legal size) goldenrod or yellow paper.  Laser printer or clear photocopier versions are recommended for printed durability and legibility.  Default resolution for this printing is 600 dpi (dots per inch).  The statutory requirement is "as provided by the MD WCC", hence reduced size or otherwise altered reproductions from the original/default specifications will not constitute statutory compliance.  The Notice is to be posted in a conspicuous location at each worksite and must include the complete employer/insurer information in the lower left corner where indicated.

Q&A Fact Sheets & Diagrams  - PDF documents, open a new browser window

Annual Reports report by fiscal year, PDF format, opens in a new browser window   Back to top of this page

Annual Report FY 2018 4.7MB

Annual Report FY 2017 4.8MB  
Annual Report FY 2016  4.8MB Annual Report FY 2015 1.2MB Annual Report FY 2014 1.9MB
Annual Report FY 2013 - 4.3MB Annual Report FY 2012 - 2MB Annual Report FY 2011 - 7MB
Annual Report FY 2010 - 2.1MB Annual Report FY 2009 - 3.0 MB Annual Report FY 2008 - 9.3 MB
Annual Report FY 2007 2.7 MB Annual Report FY 2006 : 1.6MB

Annual Report FY 2005 : 2MB

 Annual Report  FY2004 : 2.5 MB

Annual Report FY2003 : 1.9MB

Annual Report  FY2002 : 0.6 MB

 Annual Report  FY2001 : 1.3 MB Annual Report  FY2000 : 1.2 MB Annual Report  FY1999 : 1 MB
Reports to the Commission - The following reports are submitted annually or regularly as required by law or regulation.
Analytical & Statistical Reports Adobe  Reader PDF documents opens a new browser window
Conference & Informational Materials Adobe  Reader PDF documents opens a new browser window. 
Note that these materials are effective their publication date and are not updated concurrent statutory or regulatory changes affecting their content.

Legal Publications

Medical Fee Guide (MFG)

  • CLICK HERE for the WCC Medical Fee Guide Info page to access information pertinent the changes in the Medical Fee Guide: the regulation text and dynamic information and documentation.  This information is applicable for services rendered on/after September 1, 2004.
  • The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission Medical Fee Guide , 1995/6 Edition is available only from INGENIX @ (800) 464-3649, product number 7010.
    This publication is valid only for services rendered before September 1, 2004.  
    The Medical Fee Guide is not available on the Ingenix web nor does the MD WCC sell,  provide copies or extracts.